Appoint Us is an organisation working in partnership directly with individuals and other professional bodies offering a person centred service for individuals.  We cover a wide geographical area in the short or long term.  We work with Solicitors and other professionals and those that are caring for the people they love and those that just want to make their life a bit easier. All of our staff are DBS/CRB checked and have a minimum Level One Safeguarding Training  We offer different types of support depending on the individual's circumstances:  APPOINTEE AND MONEY  Appoint Us service hold corporate appointeeship approved by the Department of Works and Pensions (DWP) to manage state benefits and pensions.  We undertake on request benefit entitlements and awards.  We will also represent and support individuals with their entitlements.  We try where possible to promote independence and allow the customer choices in how their money is managed.  Our customers have individual bank accounts.  All of our accounts are randomly audited by an independent finance director.  Our staff are ex Department of Work and Pensions staff and therefore have a good benefit background.  They undertake regular training on new benefits and benefit changes.  We can support other appointee holders with case management and arranging essential services.  Working in partnership with numerous services to enable resolution to matters arising.   Our appointeeship can be short or long term or interim pending Power of Attorney or Court of Protection Deputyship appointment.  We offer benefit training to professional organisations.

See our website or telephone us for more information 02476998414