During Covid 19 we are offering: Shopping - either you click and we will collect and deliver  or you do a shopping list and we will shop at your chosen local supermarket and deliver to you Staff with full PPE/ sanitiser/anti bac wipes etc will provide a socialisation visit in your home or garden respecting current guidleines Staff with full PPE/Sanitiser/anti bac wipes etc  will come and cook you a meal respecting current guidelines Staff with full PPE/Sanitiser/antibac wipes etc will still offer a sitting service observing current guidelines Depending on the current guidance we will take you out to appointments or in to the community We will provide face to face MCA assessments etc within social distancing guidleines We will provide face to face advocacy respecting social distancing guidelines. We will support clients to access meetings on Teams Zoom etc

We provide socially distant Arm Chair Tai Chi sessions completely contactless to individuals or care homes schools etc.  We provide Singing t Social DIstance completely contactless to individuals care homes schools etc

We provide safe 1:1 services.  If If there is a service you require that is not listed (Other than personal care) plese do contact us and we will do our best to help you.