If you are experiencing chronic pain and don't know where to turn  ACACIA Freedom from Pain can help.     We understand that chronic pain can be a frustrating and frightening diagnosis. Perhaps you have tried various therapies with no success. You may even have been told that chronic pain is going to be with you for life. ACACIA Freedom from Pain offers a hopeful way forward.     When you come to us for one-to-one sessions  we will listen to you  believe you and help you understand your pain story. You will learn the ways that stress and emotions can cause pain  and how to overcome this. We will help you make use of your brain's natural capability for change ('neuroplasticity') to minimise pain and reclaim your life.     Sessions are available online or face-to-face.   
The Cottage Therapy Centre is based in an 18th century cottage and unfortunately does not have easy wheelchair access. However  sessions can be provided online for anyone who chooses.