North Star School is an online based educational platform that provides face to face learning with specialist teachers through Microsoft Teams.  We offer our students up to 13 hours a week of education and provide structured timetables that cover all areas of the curriculum suitable for the student.  We cater for students of all abilities and ensure that they receive an education that meets their needs. For example; lessons can be tailored to suit all individual requirements  such as being delivered on a 1:1 basis or through small group learning  with a maximum of 5 students in any lesson at a time. This way we ensure that students get the time and attention they need for their learning with teachers and feel both comfortable and confident in class.          After working in the education sector for numerous years  we have gained many insights into how students learn and have supported a range of students with many additional needs. We also understand that some students have not always had great experiences of education in the past.  We are incredibly flexible and ensure that all teachers get to know your child first in order to make them feel comfortable and at ease. It is then  that students will progress with lessons and as we will then know their interests these can be easily blended into areas of study to support students motivation.  We are passionate about supporting all students to achieve their full potential.