Would you like to learn Mandarin through music and games?   The program has two stages:(1) For younger children (0-3 years)  the Musicians class opens up a window to explore musicianship  language and sensory awareness in a creative way. It helps develop body-coordination and mind-concentration in a sequential way. Interesting props and suitable instruments are used to facilitate the class. Along with music curriculum  theatre is integrated into the class as well. Storybooks are often introduced into the class and children would learn role plays with music in Mandarin. Bodymoment is also an important element in the class and toddlers are often encouraged to participate in these fun actvities to move around the classroom.    (2) For older children (2-4 years)  the Players class is an unique program that allows children to explore the Mandarin world by games  stories  crafts  songs  etc. The curriculum of each session is framed with various topics to accommodate children's learning paces and to reflect the cultural and seasonal features. Following the topical games  Chinese characters are introduced in an interesting and well-prepared contextual way. Famous Chinese stories that discuss culture  history  customs and arts are shared to broaden the learning contents and arouse children's learning motivation.   Class info:   Saturday 10-10:45am: 3 months- 3 years old (Bilingual)   Saturday 11-11:45am: 4 -6 years old (All Mandarin)   The Kenilworth Centre  CV8 1QJ     Class info:  Friday 2-2.45pm: 3 months- 3 years old(All Mandarin)  The instructor home studio in Kenilworth      Looking forward to meeting you and the children!