Warwickshire Badger Group exists to protect and conserve badgers throughout the county.  Affiliated to Badger Trust  the country's leading authority on badger conservation.  Warwickshire Badger Group:    Protects setts.  Liaises with police to prevent persecution.  Gives advice to householders experiencing "badger problems".  Supports local rescue centres.     Extensive database of setts.    More sett details and precise locations of badger road kills welcome (email: sahyll@yahoo.co.uk or telephone group recorder Steve Hawkes  evenings  on 01926 832534).    The group meets quarterly; guest speakers.  Open (free) to non-members.    Contact Steve Hawkes  or  Pauline Allwood (tel. 01926 842632) for details. Warwickshire BG welcomes new members.  Membership secretary: Nick Eborall  tel 01789 294381  email: nickebor@gmail.com