Warwickshire Badger Group exists to protect and conserve badgers throughout the county.  Affiliated to Badger Trust  the country's leading authority on badger conservation.  

Warwickshire Badger Group:    

  • Protects setts.  
  • Liaises with police to prevent persecution.  
  • Gives advice to householders experiencing "badger problems".  
  • Supports local rescue centres.    
  • Extensive database of setts.    

More sett details and precise locations of badger road kills welcome (email: sahyll@yahoo.co.uk or telephone group recorder Steve Hawkes, evenings on 01926 832534).    

The group meets quarterly; guest speakers.  Open (free) to non-members.   Contact Steve Hawkes or Pauline Allwood (tel. 01926 842632) for details.  Warwickshire Badger Group welcomes new members.  Membership secretary: Nick Eborall, tel 01789 294381 or email: nickebor@gmail.com