Twelve separate talks, all illustrated.

1. History of St. Nicolas Church, Nuneaton.  

2. The Mystery of Nuneaton's African Chief.  

3. The Gentle Savage: Canon Robert Savage, Vicar of Nuneaton 1845-1871  

4. History of King Edward VI Grammar School, Nuneaton.  

5. The transformation of Warwickshire Grammar Schools 1850-1880  

6. George Eliot and Warwickshire history  

7. The Terrible Trevis: 17th Century Mayhem and decline in Nuneaton's Grammar School:  

8. Martin Luther King:  

9. Education  in a Warwickshire village, the story of schooling in Astley.  

10. Life in a Victorian Elementary school  

11. Father of a Genius: Robert Evans and George Eliot  

12. Julius Saunders and Bedworth Old Meeting Church