Our expert team comprises clinical psychologists, educational psychologists, experienced teachers, and SENCOs, offering a diverse range of learning needs assessments. We provide a bespoke service tailored to your child’s individual needs. 

Frequently, we are sought after for cognitive assessments or dyslexia diagnostic assessments. We understand that each child’s learning experience is unique, and we’re committed to providing personalised assessments that truly make a difference. 

To find out more visit us at: https://www.yourwaypsychology.co.uk/services/learningdifficulties.

When you choose us for an assessment, anticipate a face-to-face session in one of our clinic spaces. During this assessment, we investigate your child’s strengths and challenges and recommend the support they may need. This may result in a diagnosis of learning difficulties, such as dyslexia.

These assessments are conducted by the skilled clinical and education teams at Your Way Psychology and Education, offering valuable insights into your child’s learning. These insights can be shared with schools so they can provide the correct support. Our team is always happy to talk to you to determine which assessment might be right for your child. 

To find out more, email admin@yourwaypsychology.co.uk