Specialising in yoga for children & families and teen yoga.  Special yoga practitioner - autism & adhd

Sessions for children range from Early Years classes for 2 to 5 year olds, right through Primary until Pre-Teens (beyond that please see 'Teen Yoga'), as well as sessions for families to share together.

Whilst the yoga and mindfulness practices adopted through Special Yoga may be particularly supportive to children and young people on the autistic spectrum, the overall approach has become fundamental in both my personal practice and my approach to sharing yoga. In particular, the potential that yoga has to enhance wellbeing when attention is given to exploring an individual need at any given moment. Everyone can benefit from finding their optimal state in which to thrive, and from moving from a place of stress to the most relaxed state possible, whether that is through grounding, calming, soothing or sensory input.

I have continued to add depth to my knowledge of Special Yoga practices with a Special Yoga for Dyslexia short course and CPD in Special Yoga for Autistic Girls.