Is going online a mystery to you?

Whether you're new to the digital world or need a helping hand to navigate day to day online services ...

The Connect & Learn project is here to help you.

We can help with:

  • Basic computer skills
  • Getting online
  • Basic online safety
  • Using an email
  • Accessing & Using Apps

Support to access online services such as:

  • Accessing NHS services
  • Shopping online
  • Booking travel
  • Benefit applications
  • Video calling

Relaxed and informal sessions held at local community venues across North Warwickshire

Who is it for?

  • Must be a resident of North Warwickshire (paying council tax to North Warwickshire Borough Council )
  • People of any age but primarily aimed at the over 50’s

The aim of the sessions is to help people, of all abilities, to understand how to get online, to stay safe online, set up and use emails, job search, access government websites, complete benefit forms and to access health advice and services.

The sessions are a great opportunity to meet new people, learn a new skills and ‘get online’ and have a chat over a free cuppa!

What do we do?

The sessions run for 10 weeks and will be very informal, allowing people to learn at their own pace.

There will be equipment available to use or if people would prefer to bring their own equipment (smartphone, tablet, laptop) for guidance and support and to ask any questions that is fine too.

Through use of an online learning platform called Learn My Way we can help people build basic digital skills and improve their confidence to use the internet.

Learning is broken down into bite-sized topics suitable for beginners that have no or low digital skills.

* If reading is a struggle, headphones will be available as the modules can be spoken to the learner.

As well as the topics supported through the Learn My Way platform, we can also help support with skills such as using a Smartphone, e.g.:

  • Downloading ‘apps’ and help to use them.
  • Help to take a screen shot and upload the picture