Our Day Service activities are run from Netherfield House  Lillington and provide support services on a daily basis  5 days per week.  This service currently provides flexible  innovative  person centred services to individuals with a Learning Disability and Mental Ill Health.    Our service aim is to be part of a team  working holistically to ensure an individual has a meaningful life.  We aim  with the activities that we offer  to enable individuals' to acquire or regain 'daily living skills' to encourage individuals to function independently and enhance their quality of life.   Some of the activities on offer include: Healthy Eating  Cooking  Arts and Crafts   Gardening  Photography  Sewing  Community Access  Games and Music.   1-1 Service  We can provide a one to one service to support an individual  enabling them to live their lives as independently as possible. Within their home setting and accessing their local community.  People are supported to access a range of networks  relationships and activities to maximise independence  health and well-being and community connections.  We offer regular support in a community activity of an individual's choice.    Group Activities   Would you like to do something with a few other people? For example:-    Going out for a social evening to a disco  the cinema or bowling  Going to watch a football match  Going to the theatre to see a musical or a play    We can help by arranging a group outing for you to join in if needed.
The head office complies with all DDA regulations.