Appointree offers a professional and dedicated service for individuals who require help and assistance in claiming and managing their household income.  Our services are individually tailored to meet the needs of the individual.  We believe our services are essential in allowing vulnerable customers access to the right advice and support at the right time.  Our customers can rest assured in the knowledge that they are receiving the correct benefit entitlement.  

Our experienced Advisers will work with individuals to formulate a realistic and workable household budget.  Our comprehensive service ensures regular reviews of benefits and changes of circumstances are managed effectively, allowing claims to run uninterrupted, thus maintaining a stable income for the individual.  Appointree is built on over 30 years experience in the benefits, advice and care industry.  Our portfolio continues to grow through personal recommendation.  

We work closely with Social Care and Health Departments, Primary Care Trusts, Care & Support agencies, families and the individual.  Many of our customers reside in alternative accommodation and require help claiming their benefit entitlement.  Our comprehensive service ensures that individuals receive their maximum benefit entitlement and pay their bills on time.  

What Appointree can do for you:    

  • Claim all of the benefits you are entitled to.  
  • Look for other funding streams to increase your income.  
  • Challenge any negative benefit decisions.  
  • Complete all the claim forms and deal with letters.  
  • Help you manage your household budget.  
  • Help you manage your Direct Payments.  
  • Tailor your service specific to your individual needs.