Safeline offer free  confidential  and independent support for any victim or survivor of sexual violence and abuse whether it happened now or in the past. Support is available to children  young people  and adults.  Safeline offers 'wraparound' support; clients can swap between services or access multiple services at the same time.  We offer specialist face to face  telephone and online counselling and psychotherapy  group work and creative therapies  (art and play)  for all genders  with qualified therapists. Support is tailored to the needs of individuals and can be long term.  The ISVA (Independent Sexual Violence Advisor) Service offers support and advocacy for those reporting to the Police and going through the Criminal Justice System  you do not have to report to the Police to get support from us. The CHISVA (Children's Independent Sexual Violence Advisor) Service offers similar support for children aged between 3 - 18 years.  Safeline's Warwickshire Helpline provides immediate emotional support  information  and advice to anyone affected by sexual violence and abuse living in Warwickshire. Support is provided by a team of highly trained professionals who have completed the OCN award level 2 and 3 working with survivors of abuse.  Safeline also operates the National Male Survivor Helpline and Online Support service for adults and children identifying as male across England and Wales.  This service provides emotional support  advice and information via the Helpline  Text  Live Chat and Email service.       Warwickshire Telephone Helpline opening hours:  Monday  Wednesday and Friday 9am to 5pm  Tuesday and Thursday 8am to 8pm  Saturday 10am to 2pm     National Male Survivor Helpline and Online Support Service opening hours:   Monday  Wednesday and Friday 9am to 5pm  Tuesday and Thursday 8am to 8pm  Saturday 10am to 2pm  For further information please see our website   Safeline provides Prevention and Early Intervention services for children and young people  who have survived sexual abuse or CSE or are at risk. Specialist support is delivered through groups and on a one to one basis for the most vulnerable.  Service Access   Office number: 01926 402498 or email  Warwickshire Helpline:  0808 800 5008  National Male Survivor Helpline:  0808 800 5005  National Male Survivor Online Support Service:  Text: 07860 065187  Live Chat: Accessed via our website  Email:  England and Wales Telephone and Online Adult counselling referral:   Email:  Website(s):
Please inform Safeline of any access requirements when contacting us and we will make arrangements to meet your needs. Specialist counselling can also be provided by Telephone and Online  (email  text and webchat).
Safeline's counselling  Independent Sexual Violence Advisor Service and Helpline and Online support services have all achieved independently accredited Quality Standards for services supporting victims/survivors of sexual violence.