Entrust Care Partnership was born as a direct response to aspirations expressed by families caring for children  young people and adults with disabilities and additional needs.  Not for profit organisation working with disabled children  young people  adults and their families.  Range of short breaks  counselling  training and one to one support.  Entrust Care Partnerships' Vision is:  To meet the needs of disabled children  young people  adults and their families and carers through the provision of short break activities  care  support  training advice and brokerage tailoring services which are bespoke to the individual.  The following describe services we have developed to date:  

Entrust Care Partners - Entrust Care Partners are individuals offering support to children  young people or adults on a one-to-one basis. Our employees have had all the necessary checks and will be carefully matched and trained to meet your specific requirements. Flexible working hours can be negotiated to suit your needs at reasonable and competitive costs.  

For more information  please contact Zoe Hughes via email on zoehughes@entrustpartnership.org.uk   

We use external venues which are accessible. We aim to work in partnership with other organisations enabling us to deliver local services.