Providing 121 support for children in need age 6 - 16 years old across Warwickshire  who are disadvantaged either themselves or by their family circumstances.   Volunteers have to be prepared to give 2/3 hours for a minimum commitment of at least 6 months  and we call them Older Friend.  They must have a valdi driving licence and access to a car.  Able to give focused attention to the child  we call Younger Friend  for expansion of their interests  give them an opportunity to have some fun  and provide the Younger Friend with their sole attention so as to gain their confidence  provide support and enjoy mutual activities for the child away from their home.  Helping them tio improve their self esteem  gain confience and have fun.   
Not applicable  as volunteers are home based  as are our employees
The charity has referrals from Children's Services and has been established since 1986.  It covers the whole of Warwickshire. Training is given  along with Guidelines  plus support on group and basis  and regular monitoring.  Emergency out of hours contact numbers are also provided.  Volunteer get together's are organised around 3/4 times per year in the evenings so that you can share experiences  and be updated as to what is coming up within the project.   Additionally joint activity events are organised 4/5 times a year  including Christmas Panto  Bowls  and Picnics etc  so as to give an opportunity for those children who would like to do so to participate in group activities.  Awarded the Queens Award for Voluntary Service in 2019  alongside Midlands Service Excellence Award in 2019 forVoluntary Service