Harbury e-Wheels is a service initiated in 2015 by Harbury Energy Initiative, a low carbon group for the village of Harbury, in association with All Saints Church Harbury. The service is now a registered charitable company limited by guarantee. It provides free transport to people referred by local social agencies, such as food banks, surgeries, child centres and others, in order for them to reach important appointments that would otherwise prove financially or physically difficult for them.  

Transport is provided by a group of 17 volunteer drivers, all DBS checked and all having signed a confidentiality policy and CVA agreement.  The cars used for the transport are electric cars used exclusively by Harbury e-Wheels and supplied by Electric Zoo Ltd.  The service, therefore, not only aims to meet local need but does so in a clean, green way.   All bookings for the service are done online to our volunteer coordinators via:  harburyewheels@gmail.com

The cars are electric but otherwise conventional in design and are not suitable for those who are permanently wheelchair-bound.  Volunteer drivers will not be able to offer more than simple help in entering and leaving the vehicle and are instructed not to take the weight of passengers or manually handle excessively heavy loads.  The cars are suitable for all other passengers but parents with small children will need to supply their own child seats.

Agencies contacting us will be supplied with transport request forms,  passenger registration forms,  guidance notes on the service and insurance details or policy documents  if required.  Any children carried must be accompanied by a parent.  There are Isofix anchor points in the cars for fixing child seats securely.  Harbury e-Wheels coordinators prefer at least 48 hours notice of required transport but we do try to accommodate all requests including last minute ones. We only have 2 cars  so availability of transport is limited.