Infiniti Care is a Domicillary Care Agency based in Coventry. We provide care in Coventry  Nuneaton and the surrounding areas.  The core values of the organisation are:    To put the needs of Service Users first at all times.  To deliver a high-quality service which benefits the lives of individuals in the local community.  To be responsive and flexible in our ability to deliver care.  To provide equitable care to all Service Users  no matter their background  ethnicity  culture  gender  or needs.  To respect the dignity and privacy of Service Users at all times.  To value the work of staff members and support their personal development. To provide a flexible  efficient and high-quality value for money Domiciliary Care and support service to the benefit of the local area.  To deliver care in line with legislation and best practice guidance  including the Care Act 2014  Mental Health Act 2007  Mental Capacity Act 2005  and other relevant legislation.  To establish clear and robust safeguarding procedures and policies which protect every Service User from discrimination  physical and mental harm  and a reduction in wellbeing. As part of this  we will aim to safeguard the privacy of Service Users and promote care which maintains personal independence.     
We pride ourselves on delivering high quality care  with tailored Care Packages to meet the specific needs and wishes of the customer. Our office has full disabled access  with disabled parking. 
Please feel free to telephone or e-mail for a free confidential consultation.