The Horse and People Project is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company registered with Companies House. We deliver horse assisted therapeutic learning sessions aimed at supporting and improving mental well being using horses as a therapeutic tool and a catalyst for positive change. There is no riding involved.

We call it therapeutic learning because, although it isn't psychotherapy, clients report feeling better (therapeutic effect) as they begin to recognise thoughts, feelings and behaviours that may have become habitual and are no longer helpful to them and start to develop self awareness and more effective coping strategies through interacting with the horses during structured activities and challenges.

We work with young people from the age of 11 to adults, either individually or in groups. We can work with people experiencing a range of issues arising from the following; loss and bereavement, addiction and recovery, adapting to life changing diagnoses, neuro-diverse conditions such as autism spectrum condition, Mental Health problems such as stress, anxiety and depression, eating disorders, relationship problems and changes, communication issues, stress disorders including post traumatic stress disorder and disengagement from education, training or employment for a variety of reasons.

Our service is inclusive and client centred.  We welcome questions from any potential referrers, so do call us if you would like to find out more about what we do and how we work. We offer one-off sessions or up to six sessions if necessary, before reviewing whether further sessions are appropriate or needed.

We work at equestrian centres that are fully adapted to be accessible to all.

We ask that all clients wear suitable clothing, (warm and no trailing scarves etc.) and flat shoes or boots with a covered toe.  We provide hard hats for use whilst interacting with horses in the arena. These are mandatory.  

Referral process - we ask that referrers contact us either via our website at initially or by phone. We will then send out the referral form and other documentation to be completed and sent back to us electronically. We aim to respond to any referrals within five working days.

A risk assessment is conducted on all referrals and any concerns will be discussed with the referrer prior to sessions commencing.