The Live-in Care Hub is a not-for-profit organisation aimed at helping older people and their families find the best possible form of care. Care that is life-enhancing and ensures better physical health and mental well-being in later life.  They conduct ongoing, independent research in conjunction with the PSSRU - the world-renowned Personal Social Services Research Unit (a collaboration between the University of Kent and the London School of Economics). The research clearly indicates that older people are safer and healthier being looked after in their own homes by professional carers.    

Successive UK Governments have identified 'personalised care' and a 'home-first' approach to care as a priority. The Live-in Care Hub call on the Government to stop paying lip-service to person-centred care and to ensure local councils and social workers give serious consideration to Care at Home when people need care services.  

They provide guidance and advice as follows:    

  • People seeking an alternative to a residential care home.  
  • Specialist Advice on finding 24/7 Live-in Carers  
  • Guides about Companion Care and Domiciliary Care  
  • Advice on the practical and emotional challenges of caring for the elderly  
  • Advice about Paying for Care  
  • Care Funding Guidance    

For live-in care services in Warwickshire, please see the below link: