The Protective Care Group was founded in order to offer bespoke and tailor-made support services to the families of children or adults with severe, complex needs who particularly exhibit challenging behaviour.  Many of the people supported will have been through the care system and are now either placed in foster care or are with adopted parents, many will have complex needs including, Trauma, Attachment Disorder, ASD, ADHD or learning disabilities to name but a few. The one thing many will have in common is the numerous different care providers that have attempted to support them.  Most will have either decided they can't or won't work with the service user due to their complex and challenging needs.  This is where our specialist support works, our team are used to the challenges that go hand in hand with such complex service users and they do not give up or fail at the first hurdle. Each support worker is thoroughly trained and most have worked within other challenging environments for many years.  

All staff are offered regular counselling and debriefing sessions to ensure their own mental wellbeing, which is a crucial element to ensure longevity and commitment.  In addition they are adept at mentoring and developing, ensuring each person they support makes progress - such as accessing education, positive changes in behaviour, learning new skills - life and social. No matter how big or small progress is crucial to us.