People with eating disorders can find themselves in a very dark place with little understanding and support. Tastelife has created a community course that equips those who are suffering to take baby steps to full recovery. Our course is also for people who care for those with eating disorders and helps gain an understanding on how to help. Since 2014 we have trained over 100 leaders to facilaite the tastelife course and we have seen people take amazing steps to recovery. Could you join us and make a real differnce to those who are suffering? 


Join our two-day LIVE ONLINE training will equip you to run the tastelife course in your area or online via zoom 

  • Information about eating disorders plus the concepts behind the tastelife course, and skills to deliver it. See the brochure here.
  • Our training is fully accredited by the University of Brighton Health Sciences REQ mark (Recognised Educational Quality), with continuing oversight. 15 hours of CPD.
  • Fees are subsidised and can be viewed here: Fees

You will need:

  • Most importantly, you need to be someone who cares about eating disorder sufferers and carers. A commitment to providing real help is the essential requirement. The training is also suitable for those with involvement in health, education, social care or Christian Ministry, such as nurses, counsellors, youth workers, church ministry leaders, social workers, health visitors and similar. Personal experience of eating disorders is very relevant, but not essential. The confidence to learn how to teach and lead a group is key. We will ask for references.
  • To get support from somewhere to back you up – your church or organisation.
  • To think about whom you could run the course with, and ideally come to the training together.
  • To think about where you might hold the course – a neutral venue that is welcoming.
  • A booking and application form; request this here.
  • To show us a current DBS check.
  • Not to hesitate if you have more questions – just get in touch here!