Release Pilates and Fitness Training

 One to One and small group Pilates classes in Kenilworth.  Personal training in Pilates in the Kenilworth area.  STOTT Pilates mat work and seated classes.  STOTT Pilates Total Barre  Pilates will help to restore the natural curves of the spine. Improving and strengthening the deep postural muscles to allow strength and ease of movement  whether for every day life or specific sporting requirements.  Pilates will help relieve stress and muscle tension through relaxed breathing techniques.  All classes can be adapted for sufferers of various medical conditions including osteoporosis  scoliosis and breast cancer rehabilitation.  Total Barre is a fusion of Pilates  Ballet and strength training. No experience of Ballet or Pilates is required.  Barre is a fun session to music  low impact and medium intensity  improving muscle strength  balance  flexibility and self esteem.     Basic/Intermediate Pilates:  9.30-10.30am Tuesday                                                 10.45-11.40am Tuesday                                                 6.45-7.45pm Wednesday-via Zoom  Advanced Pilates:                  9.30-10.30am Monday  Seated Pilates:                      10.50-11.30am Monday                                                 11.30-12.20pm Friday-via Zoom     Total  Barre:                          8.00-9.00pm Wednesday Via Zoom                                                9.30-10.30am Thursday  Advance booking is required as only Ten places per session

Support is provided in the individuals homes as well as in community settings.    Sessions can be flexible to meet the individuals needs.