The British Wheel of Yoga is the largest yoga membership organisation in the UK  committed to promoting a greater understanding of yoga and its safe practice through experience  education and study. It is recognised by Sport England as the governing body of yoga in Britain.  Classes focus on developing strength and comfort in the body  flowing through postures while staying connected to your breath. Sequences are typically powerful and dynamic and encourage vitality and rejuvenation  balanced with slower and more mindful poses  leaving your body and mind in a relaxed and exhilarated state.  All sequences are carefully crafted and inclusive to all. Regular practice helps tone muscles  improve balance  increase flexibility and calm the mind.  Beginners welcome. Come as you are with whatever yoga experience you have  to this feel good flow yoga class. Message me now to receive your enrolment form and to arrange a chat.  Gemma Murphy  British Wheel of Yoga Teacher   Find more on the mat   Yoga classes in Rugby  Warwickshire.  1 Lilbourne Road  Clifton-upon-Dunsmore  Rugby CV23 0BD  Tel: 07939629998     

Yoga is non-competitive  which means that you don't need to be better or stronger than others in class. There's no need to compare yourselves to other students  wishing your heels could reach the floor in 'downward dog' like the person next to you! All that matters is your own practice  that you focus on where you are and accept what you're able to achieve at this present time.  Yoga teaches patience  for sure  but it is also progressive and in time your body will not only strengthen and tone but will free up and naturally become more supple when you stop resisting.  By the end of the session you will feel stronger  more energised and ready to take on the day ahead.