Warwickshire Iyengar Yoga (CIC)

Warwickshire Iyengar Yoga is a registered, not-for-profit social enterprise founded by Iyengar yoga teachers in Leamington and Warwick. We teach yoga to students of all ages and abilities with the aim of improving mental and physical health and overall wellbeing.

Iyengar yoga is authentic, Indian yoga. BKS Iyengar developed his methodical teaching system to help students of all ages and levels of experience to practice
yoga safely. 

Mr Iyengar developed his approach continually from the 1950s until he died in 2014. Over the years he introduced props such as blocks, bricks, blankets and belts to help students gain the maximum benefit from each yoga pose without strain. Focus on alignment of the body encourages mindful practice. 

With regular practice posture improves which allows the heart, lungs and other major organs to function effectively. This, coupled with improved flexibility, strength and stamina, can help slow down the ageing process.