Way Ahead Support Services is an award winning charity that has been supporting people with Learning Disabilities in the Warwickshire area for over 50 years.  The charity now supports any vulnerable people including older people  people with learning or physical disabilities or those experiencing mental ill health.  Through person centred support  Way Ahead Support Services are committed to encouraging and supporting individuals to become as independent as possible.  Whilst providing the individuals we support with advice and guidance  we will ensure our values and beliefs do not impede individual's free choice - we will always endeavour to provide as much information as possible so that individuals can make informed decisions.  In line with the requirements of The Care Quality Commission  and taking into consideration the objectives laid out above  as a Registered Supported Living Agency we will provide the support necessary within all areas of an individuals life including medication and personal care needs. Whilst we always promote an individuals independence  we recognise that sometimes assessed needs will increase or change due to health and/or age related matters.  Our Vision:    To provide a holistic Person Centred Service to vulnerable individuals.  To support individuals in their own homes and wherever possible with their own tenancies. Way Ahead Support Services would wish to support individuals to maintain their tenancies whilst enabling and encouraging independence.  To provide information and support in accessing other professional services and to signpost to specialist agencies as and when required.  To foster good relations with families  carers and other professionals whilst always maintaining confidentiality in respect of the individuals we support.  To provide a service in line with regulatory requirements and to ensure best practice by regular training and raising awareness of current legislation and policy developments.  Through thorough and regular training  to have acute awareness of the potential of the abuse of vulnerable people and the processes to be followed in relation to this.  Through maintaining good record keeping and sharing of information we will aim to provide a consistent approach to the individuals we support.    Services offered: Household Tasks  Admin Support  Trips/Errands  Personal Care  Medication  Day Activities  Accessing the Community  Physical Activities  Support with Maintaining Tenancy  Health appointments.