Our Telephone Befriending Service  which was developed as a result of the COVID 19 Crisis  has been so well received that it is now embedded as a regular charitable service provision for Warwickshire Vision Support.   Using carefully selected volunteers who have all been DBS checked  we connect them to blind and visually impaired people around the county. A volunteer will make a call to a service user once a week at an agreed time and provide company  stimulating conversation and a vital connection to wider society and local communities. Both the service user and volunteer benefit from the connection as the contact reduces social isolation and loneliness.   The social connection made during the call and the relationships which develop between volunteer and service user create positive benefits for the user's mental wellbeing.  If welfare issues are identified during the befriending call  the volunteer contacts Warwickshire Vision Staff who take necessary action.   Anyone who is blind or visually impaired can access this service free of charge. For more details  please contact us on 01926 411331.    
This is a telephone service. A landline or mobile number is required in order to receive the service. Additionally  next-of-kin and in-case-of-emergency contact details will need to be provided by anyone accessing the service. This is for the service users welfare needs.
This is a countywide service.