Appoint Us is an organisation working in partnership directly with individuals and other professional bodies offering a person centred service for individuals.  We cover a wide geographical area in the short or long term.  We work with Solicitors and other professionals and those that are caring for the people they love and those that just want to make their life a bit easier.  All of our staff are DBS/CRB checked and have a minimum Level One Safeguarding Training.

We offer different types of support depending on the individual's circumstances:  

ACCESS TO LEGAL SERVICES - Appoint Us work with a group of reputable solicitors to ensure the individual receives the best outcome.  

LASTING POWER OF ATTORNEY - We will refer customers to an appropriate solicitor for  Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA).  This document is giving someone consent to manage your finances or make health and welfare decisions on your behalf. You can do either one or both.  A Lasting Power of Attorney is done when you have capacity to give instruction and is used if you lose that capacity. If there is any doubt about capacity a Mental Capacity Assessment may be required. Sometimes a Lasting Power of Attorney will need an Independent Certificate Provider to sign it as well.  Both of these services are offered directly by Appoint Us.  

COURT OF PROTECTION - If someone has already lost capacity and needs to access their finances or has a property they need to sell and no previous provision has been made  a Court of Protection Order will need to be applied for.  This will be supported by a Mental Capacity Assessment.  Appoint Us work with several solicitors providing these services and can support you through the process.  

WILLS - Appoint Us work with several different reputable Solicitors companies who offer fixed price wills through ourselves.  They will if you choose come out and complete a will at home for you.  

LEGAL ADVICE - In some circumstances we can signpost you to free legal advice.  

FUNERAL PLANS - Appoint Us provide a prepaid funeral plan service which removes the worry from the grieving left behind.  This ensures that your funeral is paid for at today's prices and meets your wishes and relieves the pressure from your loved ones at an emotional time.