Appoint Us is an organisation working in partnership directly with individuals and other professional bodies offering a person centred service for individuals.  We cover a wide geographical area in the short or long term.  We work with Solicitors and other professionals and those that are caring for the people they love and those that just want to make their life a bit easier.  We offer different types of support depending on the individual's circumstances:  HOSPITAL STAYS   We can help with planning and preparation for a hospital stay  we will ensure that your pets and property are safe.  We can also support discharge from hospital by making sure the individual is returning to a safe environment.  We can liaise with others involved with the discharge process and provide for the return home by shopping  cleaning etc.  We can enable the attendance at out-patients appointments or the General Practitioners (GP).  We can provide fast turn around discharge packages by working with personal care providers to provide a holistic service promoting fast and safe discharge