Appoint Us is an organisation working in partnership directly with individuals and other professional bodies offering a person centred service for individuals.  We cover a wide geographical area in the short or long term.  We work with Solicitors and other professionals and those that are caring for the people they love and those that just want to make their life a bit easier.  All of our staff are DBS/CRB checked and have a minimum of Level One in Safeguarding training.  We offer different types of support depending on the individual's circumstances:  MENTAL CAPACITY ASSESSMENTS  Appoint Us have trained staff who are able to carry out Mental Capacity assessments in accordance with the Mental Capacity Act Code of Practice to establish the most appropriate pathway.  These can be provided to solicitors or other people that may need them in order to make decisions.  We will adhere to the principles of the Mental Capacity Act or person centred practice in that:    We will not assume you lack capacity until there is evidence  We will support you to make decisions before we say you are unable to make decisions for yourself  We will not assume you lack capacity if others believe you are making unwise decisions  We will  whether you have capacity or not  ensure we make decisions that are in your best interests    We can also be Certificate Providers in order to support Lasting Power Of Attorney applications.  ACCESS TO LEGAL SERVICES  Appoint Us work with a group of reputable solicitors to ensure the individual receives the best outcome.  We will refer customers to an appropriate solicitor for services such as Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)  Orders in relation to the Court of Protection (COP)  Wills  Advice etc.  Sometimes initial advice can be free.  CONSULTANCY AND ASSESSMENT  Appoint Us provide a consultation and specialist assessment services using independent Mental Health professionals and Social Care professionals to provide specialist assessments and detailed reports.  All professionals commissioned are registered with the appropriate professional body and are checked under the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).

See our website or telephone us for more information 02476998414