Abbeycare operate UK addiction rehab centres offering residential stays of 7-28 days or longer for primary care treatment of substance or alcohol misuse.  We work with individuals aged 18 or over to complete physical/chemical detox  therapeutic rehabilitation  and relapse prevention planning for the future.  Our service is specific to addictions. Each client receives an individually assigned case manager who oversees the care plan and facilitates the program for that individual  throughout their stay.  Following medically supervised detox  clients take part in addiction therapy to understand the cause of their addiction  and recognise triggers  patterns  and behavioural issues contributing to the addiction  developed over time.  Aftercare planning  towards the end of the individual's stay  incorporates supports for Mental Health  addiction relapse prevention  and co-ordination with more specialist thrid party agencies  where required.  Admissions are available 7 days and can usually be facilitated within 24 hrs.  Self-referrals accepted.   
We have full accessibility for wheelchairs from external to internal. We have lifts installed.