With Elder live-in care, you or your loved one gets all the help they need to keep control, choice and independence over their own life, in their own home.

Live-in care allows people to remain in the comfort of their own environment and retain their independence for longer. With live-in care, recipients can still enjoy their favourite activities, socialisation, meals and routines while receiving around-the-clock support. We curate a selection of live-in carers with the right skills and character and families can get to know each carer through detailed profiles and introductory videos.

This process can be completed within 48 hours, and care can be arranged for as little as three days for a respite period, or on a more permanent basis. 

Since 2016, we have provided over 7 million hours of care – helping over 5000 families in need. Every family we have supported benefits from robust carer vetting and QA processes, high carer standards, clinical governance, and comprehensive family support. 

Here is a link to our web page and if you would like to make a referral please do not hesitate to contact us on 0371 4542931 or email through to hello@elder.org.

If you are a social care professional please follow this link or contact us on 0371 4542931 or email us on publicsector@elder.org