Alcester Day Care provides opportunities for those with dementia to be looked after in a safe environment by qualified staff in a caring environment.  

Open Mondays  9.30am - 3.30pm (except bank holidays)  

Carers and their loved ones are invited to join us at 9.30 onwards for morning coffee and then the carers have the option to stay or leave whilst the rest of us join in with games  singing  chair exercises etc.  At lunchtime, clients will join us for a light lunch.  After lunch we will again continue our activities with reminiscing, chatting and more games etc.  We will provide support, care and encouragement at all times.  

For more information see our website.

Parking - carers are allowed to park outside the Baptist Church for drop off and collection.  This space is limited.  Once parked the entrance (via a gate) is all on one level.  There is a small step into the hall but once inside the main hall, toilet, dining area and lunch area are all on one level.