Longhurst Group's personalisation service aims to meet the needs of the service user.  The service is open to all individuals who have their own personal budget/direct payment.  The support you receive will be individual to you and will be agreed with you.  You will be supported to exercise individual choice and we will involve you fully in all aspects of your care and support needs.  Staff will support you in all aspects of daily living  such as:    Promote and support with personal care  Administer/prompt with medication  Meal and menu planning  Domestic tasks  Eating and drinking  Meal preparation  Safety awareness  Using appropriate modes of transport  Accessing community facilities  Health and well being  Relationships  Managing and taking risks  Social/leisure activities  Attend appointments  Checking post  Liaise with housing management     

It's all about you and what you want to do with your life so  at Longhurst Group we're here to help you do things your way.  Everything starts with a conversation.  And  if you wish  we are happy to talk to your family and friends too.  This makes sure we really get to know you  your life and what makes you happy.  We decide nothing about you or your life without listening to what you have to say and we are here to support you to make your decisions.  With over 50 years of experience we've had a lot of practise at listening to people and shaping our service around what you have to say.  Our friendly  professional staff can offer all of the advice and information needed so that you can make decisions about your future