Created by a family to make the difference; Home From Home Care supports adults 18+ with learning disabilities and high acuity needs  including autism  epilepsy  complex health and Mental Health.  Combining a family perspective with an uncompromising approach  we design exceptional environments and bespoke care and support packages around each individual's needs. setting goals for an ordinary life - 'The World On My Terms'.  We design bespoke support packages and tailor environments to suit each individual's needs. We use creative solutions and technology to promote independence  support individuals to lead fulfilled and active lives through meaningful activities and build on the life skills that young people have been taught at school and college. Home From Home Care has 11 separately registered services across Lincolnshire - please contact us directly for more information.  "Inspired by Laura  our daughter and Hugo's sister  we created Home From Home Care. Combining our family perspective with experienced professionals  we create dynamic and therapeutic services around each person in exceptional environments. We offer a full and active life to meet personal aspirations  delivering meaningful outcomes and fulfilled days." - Paul  Ann & Hugo de Savary.
All homes are completely accessible. Environments are tailored around the needs of each individuals specific to their particular requirements.